General Terms & Conditions:

NINJA EXPRESS BD will make sure the delivery of each package to the given address and only liable for the package not any individual/illegal items inside the package. Merchant has to ensure the proper packaging of the parcel and NINJA EXPRESS BD would not responsible for any damage of any products of materials.

  • NINJA EXPRESS BD does not check the goods of the container and does not accept the responsibility of carriage for any banned of illegal items.
  • It’s forbidden to send cash, cheque, prize bond with good without declaration.
  • Client must supply all valid papers regarding the consignment.
  • Client must bear the liability of the information of booked items.
  • If the consignment will be received by the nominated /selected person of the consignee, it will be assumed to be delivered to the right person and in such situation no complain will be accepted.
  • NINJA EXPRESS BD will not bear any liabilities, if any lose/damage/ missing occurs arising out of accident beyond control and in such case the sender and receiver cannot claim any compensation.
  • Any items may cause damage other goods NINJA EXPRESS BD will not be liable for that situation.
  • NINJA EXPRESS BD will pay compensation for any lose, damage & missing of any consignment if proved due to negligence of NINJA EXPRESS BD.
  • NINJA EXPRESS BD reserved the right, alter cancel any terms and condition at any time mentioned above.

Size and Weight Limits:

  • The maximum weight of a single package is: 5 Kg.
  • The maximum length of a single package: 4 Feet
  • The maximum width and girth: 4 Feet
  • Price is determined based on the general actual weight or the general dimensional weight of all parcels.
  • Packages in the delivery, whichever is greater, dimensional weight is determined.
  • Following Formula: NINJA EXPRESS BD reserves the right to weight and calculate over again every package, to confirm calculations.

Delivering Your Items:

  • We will aim but do not guarantee to deliver your items by the delivery times all packages if any untoward incident happens. Signed for option and proof of delivery option.
  • If the “Items we cannot deliver” section of the general terms applies we will take the item back to our local premises.
  • If we return items to you which remain uncollected we will charge you for returning such items to you or your agent.
  • (As Specified On The Return Label) At the rates set out in the price confirmation letter."


  • In case of any damages, claims shall be made through NINJA EXPRESS BD, stating the full details of the claim.
  • The claim has to be verified by NINJA EXPRESS BD first.